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Lake Louise

I had the pleasure of staying at the Lake Louise Lodge with my boyfriend’s family this past weekend, and even though the weather was a little rainy, it was still a beautiful trip. Located about 3 hours drive from Anchorage, be sure to give yourself some time to stop and take photos along the way.

Lake Louise is located in Glenallen and is still, surprisingly, part of the Mat-Su burough. With a population less than 50, Lake Louise is located between four mountain ranges: The Wrangell, Talkeetna, Chugach, and Alaska ranges. The Lake Louise road is approximately 20 miles long and is spotted with private resorts and marinas, state campgrounds and boat launches, and the occasional private home. Looking out onto the south end of the lake, you’ll notice quite a few small islands. Look closer and you’ll see there are homes built on most of them that are accessible by boat only.

There are many smaller lakes along with road, many of them being stocked by the Fish and Game. We stopped at Crater lake on our way out and caught 15 trout in the hour we were there.

Besides boating and fishing, I was told the area has good caribou hunting as well. Blueberries were also in abundance while we were there.

As for lodging, you can choose to camp with a tent or in a motor-home, or a private resort as we did. Lake Louise Lodge ( is family owned and has a few different lodging options for guests, such as private cabins, camping, and private rooms within the lodge. They also have boat and canoe rentals, RV parking, a full service restaurant and bar, and hunting and fishing licensing available. John and Yvette were so welcoming and really give a true Alaskan lodge experience.

So if you’re in the area or you need a quick trip out of Anchorage, consider Lake Louise.

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