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South To Seldovia

It has been really hard to keep up with posting when I have been going 100 mph for what feels like months. Between getting Ziggy done (well done enough for me to live in), moving in, working, and traveling/adventuring, I just haven’t had much down time. So this morning while the world is still waking up (and I listen to my boyfriend nurse his hangover), I will try to write about our trip to Seldovia (very, very quietly).

I was able to fly down to the lower 48 to visit family and meet my new nephew a few weeks ago, and almost as soon as I got back, I was off on my adventures again. I was able to go to a concert at the Bears Tooth in Anchorage with our friends (best pizza by far in town. I highly suggest it if you have the means), and then after a very brief nap, we loaded up the Jeep around 2 AM and took off to Homer. Traveling at this time not only meant less vehicles on the road, but also the ability to really enjoy the drive down. I love driving south from Anchorage because you go through mountains, towns, wetlands, ocean views, glacier views, and some amazing lakes. It is about a 5 hour drive without traffic (225 miles), but it really doesn’t feel that long with all the places to look at and stop if you want to stretch your legs.

Seldovia is only accessible by sea or air and there are both private the commercial boats and planes to pick from. The Seldovia Chamber of Commerce (907-234-7612) can offer you information on daily ferries, water taxies, or the Alaska Marine Highway from Homer as well as information on how to get your RV over for those who don’t want to tent camp.

I bought the Northern Lights coupon book this year. I suggest picking up a copy if you are at all planning on visiting Alaska as it is full of coupons for activities that would normally cost an arm and a leg for multiple people to participate in. We were lucky to find a coupon in there for the Seldovia Bay Ferry for a buy one, get one. It saved us around $120 for our round trip tickets.

The Seldovia Bay Ferry leaves from Dock 7 twice a day on a 45 minute ride across Kachemak Bay. For those who do not know, from the Homer Spit, Dock 7 can be found by taking a left at a large fishing hook sculpture on the left. Follow that small road down and around to the right to get to the other side of the small boat harbor. The Seldovia Bay Ferry building is just past the Harbor Master building on the right and opens to start selling tickets at 9 am. Their number is 907-435-3299 and you can look them up at Parking is free in the small boat harbor parking area around the building, but it is limited to 7 days.

I have been told there is also a state ferry that makes trips to Seldovia and the state parks across the Kachemak Bay as well, however, we did not take this route, because, well, coupons. However, if you find you need a ferry to Whittier, Juneau, Skagway, Prince Rupert B.C., or Bellingham, Washington, call 800-642-0066 or visit to check out your options.

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